People come to therapy from a range of backgrounds and for a variety of reasons. Some are looking to manage a particular situation; others want more generally to know themselves better. One's need for support can take many forms, and can be more or less acute.

Our conversations might form around your daily routines; your childhood memories; your griefs and traumas; your conflicts and quarrels; your goals and achievements; your trains of thought; your dreams, daydreams, nightmares; your inward and outward responses to the world. The focus is on you, but the process is collaborative. Together, we can safely attend to parts of your experience that feel too painful, too profound, too complex, or otherwise too impossible to confront alone. We all deserve such attention and we all need allies to navigate the everyday and overwhelming obstacles we face.

The talk therapy I offer is "non-directive"; I don't advise you on decisions or provide coping strategies. Instead, I help to map your experiences and to explore the emotional territory that we discover. I believe that great insight and empowerment come from learning what we feel, how we behave, and why. Cultivating curiosity to this end —with real empathy, in a safe and supportive environment— is the work of therapy.

The therapeutic process asks both of us to take risks and to be vulnerable. To do this challenging but rewarding work, a trusting rapport between us is key. I will listen empathetically and respond nonjudgmentally to whatever you share. I am trained in therapeutic techniques and draw from a background of relevant knowledge, but in therapy, the client is the expert. We will proceed at your pace, and always with an emphasis on what rings true to you.

I adhere completely to the codes of ethics mandated by both Canadian Association for Psychodynamic Therapy and the Toronto Institute for Relational Psychotherapy . This guarantees, among other best practices, that our sessions will be confidential; the only exceptions to this rule are outlined here.

If this introduction resonates, and/or if you’d like to know more, please get in touch.