I am legally bound to keep all content of our sessions (including the fact of you attending therapy) confidential. This rule extends to all consultations and supervision that I undertake: if/when I discuss your course of therapy with professional colleagues, it will always be with the aim to improve therapist skills and client experience. Your name will be shortened (first name only) or changed, and any identifying aspects of your case will be protected. I will only share details of your therapy with medical personnel at your explicit request.

I may be obliged to break confidentiality in the (rare) instances that I observe:

• Imminent risk of physical harm to yourself or to others

• Evidence of abuse/ neglect of a minor

Or in the case that a court subpoenas my clinical records.

In each of these instances, your wellbeing will remain my priority. Even if I must break confidentiality for one of these reasons, we will discuss the breach, and can in all likelihood continue therapy together.